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AUM Foundation LLC. NY, USA.
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Dr. N. P. Dubey was born on 1st December 1949 in Dist Mau, UP, India. After initial education in and around his native place, he-

  1. Has qualified in modern western medicine from Kanpur, Varanasi; NY, USA and in traditional medicine from many other places of India and abroad.
  2. Has taken Managerial and Administrative training from NTI, Bangalore, MDI, Gurgoan and IIM, Bangalore.
  3. Has experience of more than 36 years of teaching, training, treatment, administration, management and research in Govt. and Private Institutions in India and Abroad.
  4. Has worked for more than 20 years as Medical Officer, Specialist, Principal in UP Medical, Health Services.
  5. Has worked for 12 years as Director in the Scheme of Vocational Education, Dept. of Education, Ministry of HRD, Government of India.
  6. Has worked with Allen Health Care and in Blood Bank in Montefiore Hospital (A teaching hospital of the Albert Einstein Medical School), NY,USA.
  7. Has Published and Presented more than 40 Papers based on Modern, Integrated, Alternative / complementary and Holistic Medicine in India and abroad.
  8. Has visited 13 Major Countries of the World for promotion of the Integrated Medicine through lectures, demonstrations, papers and conference.
  9. Has propounded the Concept and Components of Educational Pattern of Integrated Medicine and AUM Therapy (A Concept of Holistic Healing).
  10. Has searched more than Twenty Major Landmarks for further research and development in the field of Integrated Medicine and AUM Therapy.
  11. Has Authored Seven Books and establish a Journal "International Integrated Medical Forum".
  12. Has Organized and Attended more than 50 State, National and International Workshops, Seminars, Conferences and Academia’s in India and abroad.
  13. Has Discussed the Integrated Medical Programme (IMP) in more than 10 Institutions of International reputes.
  14. Has received more than 16 prestigious Outstanding Awards and Prizes from various institutions in India and abroad.
  15. Has Received the Appreciation of WHOSEARO New Delhi and HQ, Geneva, Switzerland on the Concepts and Components of Integrated Medicine.
  16. Has Guided and Supervised more than 20-MD; 6-Ph.D. and more than 20 Postgraduate Diploma candidates in the field of Integrated Medicine.
  17. Has Established the Faculty of Medical Sciences in MGKV, University, Varanasi.
  18. The Concept and Components has been discussed at NIH Maryland (USA); GIFT Division of on  Oxford University (London); WIMCo – 2002 at Beijing (China); NRICM, Taipei, Taiwan and many other countries.
  19. Has been Advisor to World Health Organization for integration of TM of West Pacific Region Office (WPRO), Manila at Melbourne, Australia.
  20. Has Founded and Established more than Ten Institutions of academic studies and health care delivery in India and USA.
  21. Has got Copyrights for all Literary Works of Integrated Medicine from Govt. of India, Ministry of HRD, New Delhi.
  22. Member of Executive Body ,World University, Benson, Arizona, USA.
  23. Co-chairman, Department of Therapeutic Sciences, World University, Benson, Arizona, USA.
  24. Founder President, Secretary, Member, Fellows and Faculty of more than a dozen of Institutions.
  25. Present Position Founder President - World Association of Integrated Medicine; AUM Foundation LLC, Head Quarter at  NY USA and Director, Nilayam Hospital & Integrated Medical Research Institute, Varanasi (INDIA).


(Dr. Nagendra Prasad Dubey)


(Dr. N. P. Dubey)
Founder President
AUM Organization Inc. NY, USA.
R/O- N10/60,C-1, Kakarmatta, PO-Bazardeeha, Varanasi 221009, UP.
Mobile No: 09415228432



Dr. N. P. Dubey borne on December 1, 1949 in a Village-Kasimpur, District- Mau, Uttar Pradesh, India. He had a vision to become a Doctor and specialized as Pulmonologist and ultimately it happened, he became a medical doctor and a well known Pulmonologist. He belongs to a famous socio- spiritual family. He is a popular Pulmonologist and worldly well known academician in the field of Integrated /Complementary Medicine. Dr. Dubey has laid many Milestones’ in the field of Integrated, Alternative / Complementary and Holistic Medicine for the of welfare of humanity and the subjects for further studies. He has familial inheritance of holistic healing. He has acquired the scientific knowledge of Western Medicine by study and the holistic scientific knowledge of the Integrated, Alternative/Complementary system from Upanishad  Bhagavad-Gita and Patanjali Yoga Sutra. He is deeply concerned with Bhagavad-Gita.


Dr. Dubey took his initial schooling from his native place and higher education including  medical education from bigger educational centre of India and abroad. He took his traditional education (skills and knowledge) form India and abroad. He is a skilled clinician, well known  academician and popular holistic healer. He has a long experience of service as Medical Officer, Specialist, Principal in the department of medical, health and family welfare of Government of U.P., As Director, in the Scheme of Dept. Elementary Education, Govt. of India, Ministry of HRD, New Delhi. He has Great Contribution in the fields of Integrated, Alternative / Complementary and Holistic Medicine and Vocational Education. The innovative curriculum of Integrate Medicine prepared by Dr Dubey has received the appreciation  from SEARO New Delhi and World Health  Organization(WHO), Geneva, Switzerland. His continuous efforts and association pushed him as an Advisor World Health Organization (WHO) for West Pacific Regional Office, Manila, Philippines.

(II) ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS (In order of achievement):

A. National Qualifications:

Sl. No.


Year of Completion

Name of Institutions



December 1971

Kanpur University



January 1974

Banaras Hindu University



January 1981

Banaras Hindu University

B. International Qualifications:

Sl. No.


Year of Completion

Name of Institutions


M.D.(Tr. Med.)

December 1993

Medicina Alternativa, Institute, OIUCM, Colombo, Sri Lanka


D. Ac.

December 1993

Medicina Alternativa Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka.



November 2006

New York Medical Career Training Center NY,USA.



March 2007

University of the State of New York, USA.



November 2007

Allen Health Care Institute, NY, USA.

C. Qualification from the Institutions of Integrated/Alterative Medicine:

Sl. No.


Year of Confirmation

Name of Institution



December 1996

Siddha Medical Literature Research Centre, Madras.



January 1999

PIHE  Varanasi




PIHE Varanasi


M.D.(Inte. Med.)

November 2000

World Association of Integrated Medicine, Indian Chapter.



February 2003

PIHE Varanasi

D. National and International Conferred Certificates:

Sl. No.


Year of Confirmation

Name of Institution




Indian Association of College of Chest Physician




World Association of Integrated Medicine




OIUCM, Colombo, Sri Lanka




World University, AZ, USA




International Institute of Polypathy, Delhi




AUM Organization INC. NY,USA


Besides the publication of higher level course curriculum for introduction of Integrated, Alternative/Complementary and Holistic Medicine, He has published and presented more than 40 Papers based on Modern, Integrated, Alternative/ Complementary and Holistic Medicine in national and international meetings, conferences, seminars. Some of the important  in various Journals are -

  • Integrated Medicine – many approach, one service, World Health Forum, Vol.18; No.1; P-56-58.   
  • Integrated Medicine as Holistic Health Science: The Antiseptic; Vol. 96, No.2; P.43-45.
  • Concept of Integrated Medicine and Medical Education in India.
  • “Tuberculosis in India” NTI News Letter, Vol. XIV No.3 & 4, Sept – Dec.1977.
  • Origin of Medicine IIMF; Vol.3; No. 1, 2, 3.
  • Tuberculosis and National Tuberculosis Programme – An Special Bulletin at Varanasi (1984-85
  • Integrated Parameters IIMF; Vol. 4, No.3.
  • Revised Profile of Courses of World Association of Integrated Medicine during IAIM-2003.
  • Ayurveda as Holistic system IIMF, Vol. 15, No.4.
  • Concept of Desire and Health IIMF Vol.16, No.5.
  • Principles of Chakras IIMF Vol.17, No.5.
  • “Code of Ethics”of International Integrated Medicine Council.
  • Guidelines for Postgraduates Courses of WAIM.
  • AUM Therapy – IIMF Vol. 18, No.5.
  • AUM and PRAN, IIMF, Vol. 20 & 21, No.6.
  • Aumification, IIMF, Vol. 20 & 21, No. 6
  • AUM and Holism, IIMF, Vol. 22 No.6
  • A Step to AUM, IIMF, Vol.23 No.7
  • AUM Sufferings and Disorders, IIMF, Vol. 24, No.7


He has authored following books and is Founder of a Journal of Integrated Medicine -

1. Basic Principles of Integrated Medicine.
2. Holistic Principles of Integrated Medicine.
3. Basic Principles of AUM Therapy.
4. Applied Concepts of AUM Therapy.
5. A Approach AUM Therapy.
6. AUM Prayers.


He has discussed and presented the programme of Integrated Alternative/Complementary and Holistic Medicine in various institution of-India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Germany, Switzerland, USA, U.K., China, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore and Trinidad & Tobago and South Korea.


Has searched and innovated the following areas for further research in Integrated Medicine and AUM Therapy-

1. Pattern of Integrated Medicine – “Is the Need of the Day”. 
2. Environment-  A Sixth dimension of Health.
3. Superconciousness -   Fifth dimension of Life.
4. N. P. Score –A Diagnostic tool for application of Holistic Healing.
5. AUM Therapy – A Method of Comprehensive Holistic Healing.
6. AUM Score –    A Diagnostic tool for application of AUM Therapy.
7. Power of AUM Energy – The beginning and end of all beginning.


He has organized, attended and presented more than 60 national and international seminars, meetings and conferences. Some of the important conferences in India and abroad are -

  • Initiated Integrated Medicine Educational Programme in 1990 at Varanasi.  Initiated Integrated Medicine Educational Programme in 1990 at Varanasi.
  • Organized a State Seminar on utility of Integrated Medicine 1991 at Varanasi.
  • Organized Seminar on Integrated Medicine in June – 1992 at Varanasi.
  • Organized Seminar on Integrated Medical Systems in June 1993 at Varanasi.
  • Attended ICCM November-1993 at Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • Organized workshop on Integrated Medicine Education in June 1994 at Varanasi
  • Organized First International Academic Programme on Integrated Medicine (FIAPIM – 1995) at Varanasi.
  • Organized International Conference on Integrated Medicine (ICIM – 1996) at Varanasi
  • Attended International Conference on Integrated Medicine(ICIM-96) in December-1996,Colombo,SriLanka.
  • Org. World Conference on Integrated Medicine (WCIM – 1997) at Varanasi.
  • Org. Universal Conference on Integrated Medicine (UCIM – 1998) at New Delhi   Org. Integrated Medicine for New Millennium (IMNM – 1999) at New Delhi.
  • Org.Millennial Conference on Integrated Medicine (MCIM – 2000) at New Delhi.
  • Org. Global Conference on Integrated Medicine (GCIM – 2001) at New Delhi.
  • Org. International Academia on Integrated Medicine (IAIM – 2002)at New Delhi.
  • Attended as Scientific Advisor the World Integrative Medicine Conference (WIMCo-200) in September 2002 at Beijing, China.
  • Org. International Academia on Integrated Medicine (IAIM – 2003)at New Delhi.
  • Involved as Advisor to WHO in Group Meeting on quality of Academic Education  during (WCCM – 2003) at Melbourne, Australia.
  • Org. International Academia on Integrated Medicine (IAIM – 2004)at New Delhi.
  • Attended World Conference on Integrated Medicine (WCIM-2004), at Sri Lanka.
  • Org. International Academia on Integrated Medicine (IAIM – 2005)at New Delhi.
  • Org. International Integrated Holistic Seminar (IIHS - 2006) at Bangalore.
  • Attended ICIM - 2010 at Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Attended World Association of Vedic Society Conference (WAVES - 2010) at University of St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago.
  • Org. International Academia on Integrated Health and Holistic Care (IHHC-2011)   at NY,USA.
  • Attended 16th International Conference on Oriental Medicine (ICOM -2012) at Seoul, South Korea.
  • Attended 46th Indian College of Allergy, Asthma & Applied Immunology Conference (ICAAICON-2012) at Banaras Hindu, University, Varanasi, INDIA.


He has the opportunity to discuss the innovative programme of Integrated Medicine in various institutes of International repute. Some of the most important faculties  and organizations are  mentioned below -

  1. World Health Organization (SEARO - New Delhi) with Dr. Kin Shein, Director EDV on November 26, 1992.
  2. World Health Organization (H.Q. – Genewa) with Dr. Xiaorui Zhang, Medical Officer, on March 1st and 2nd 1995.
  3. National Institute of Health (NIH – Maryland – MD), with Dr. John C. Chah, Programme Officer, Office of the Complementary / Alternative Medicine of December 3, 1998.
  4. Dr. G. Bodekar, Chairman GIFTS of Health, Oxford University, Londonon December 8th, 1998.
  5. Prof. Ke - Ji, Chen, Chairman, World Integrative Medicine Conference (WIMCo) at Beizing, Chinabetween September 22-24, 2003.
  6. Prof. Happy Tong Chan Wah, Director, Belladona Medicare Centre - many times from 1993-2004.
  7. NRICM Taiwan, Prof. Cheih Fu Chen, on September 24, 2003.
  8. World Health Organization (Western Pacific Regional Office      -W’PRO) with Dr. Choi Seng-Hoon, Medical Officer between November 22 to 24, 2003 at Melbourne, Australia.
  9. World Association of Integrated Medicine (Singapore – Chapter)      Dr. Goh Seck Choon on 25th November 2003 at Singapore.


He has received more than 40 awards and prizes of National and International reputes. Some of the outstanding awards and prizes are -

1. Hippocrates Award - World Association of Integrated Medicine at Delhi 2000.
2. GEMS of Alternative Medicine - IBAM, Kolkata -1995.
3. Certificate of Excellence - Medicina Alternative 1996.
4. Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award - All India National Conference,New Delhi-1997.
5. National Appreciation Award - Community Welfare Foundation, Sangali-2000.
6. Gold Medal Award - Voluntary Health Organization, Rameshwarm -2000.
7. Millennial Award –Zoroastrian College, Mumbai -2000.
8. STAR OF ASIA MEDAL– OIUCM at Colombo, Sri Lanka 2000.
9. Award of Excellence Special Certificate of Merits – Zoroastrian College, Mumbai -2001.
10. Silver Jubilee Award - Zoroastrian College, Mumbai -2002.
11. Aquarian Age Award - Zoroastrian College, Mumbai-2003.
12. Emeritus Professor - Zoroastrian College, Mumbai-2003.
13. Advisor to WHO-World Health Organization, Australia 2008.
14. Outstanding Professor/Researcher-Department of Homeland Security USCIS, USA-2005.
15. Father of WAIM – World Association of Integrated Medicine – Bangalore 2006.
16. Hippocrates Award- World Association of Integrated Medicine ( Bangladesh Chapter), Dhaka-2010.


Total experience of teaching, training, treatment, management and research is 36 years as mentioned under -

  1. Two years clinical teaching to undergraduates medical students in associated hospitals of GSVM Medical College, Kanpur and Institute of Medical Sciences B.H.U., Varanasi (1973-1975).
  2. 35 years experience of teaching as visiting Faculty in various Institute of Traditional, Complementary/Alternative andIntegrated Medicines in India and abroad.
  3. 16 years experience of teaching to undergraduate and postgraduate students of Integrated Medicine in association with No.2.
  4. 20 years service experience as Medical Officer, Specialist, MLCD and Principal in the Department of Medical, Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, India in association with 2 &3.
  5. 20 years experience of Clinical, Managerial and Administrative work in the field of Medical and Health Services under Government of U.P in association with No. 4.
  6. 12 years experience as Director for development and establishment  of the project of Elementary Education, sponsored by Dept. of Education, Ministry of HRD; Govt. of India in association with No.2
  7. 2.5 years experience as trainee in ECG, Phlebotomy and working as Technologist in Blood Bank at  Montefiore Hospital, Albert Einstein Medical College, Bronx, New York, USA in association with No 2.
  8. 3 years experience as Medical Specialist (Tuberculosis Control Programme) under NHRM under Govt. of UP.


Has guided and supervised the thesis and dissertation to following categories of students of Integrated Medicine -

1. Doctor of Integrated Medicine                      20
2. Doctor of Philosophy                                    06
3. Dissertations for Postgraduate Diploma       20


Has Founded and Established the following institutions -

1. Prashanti Institute of Education. 
2. Prashanti Medical Care Institute. 
3. Indian Foundation for Development of Integrated Medicine.
4. World Association of Integrated Medicine.
5. Prashanti Institute of Higher Education. 
6. International Integrated Medicine Council.
7. International Institute of Integrated Medical Sciences.
8. Global Institute of Integrated Medical Sciences Trust)
9. Established Faculty of Medical Sciences at Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi. India.
10. AUM Foundation Inc. NY,USA.


1. Visiting Professor- In institutions of Alternative/Complementary Medicine, All Institutions affiliated and associated to WAIM, AUM Foundation LLC and many other International institutions.


  • Founder President- World Association of Integrated Medicine and AUM Foundation LLC. NY, USA.
  • Director – Nilayam Hospital & Integrated Medical Research Institute, Varanasi, INDIA.


(Dr. N. P. Dubey)
Founder President
AUM Foundation LLC., New York, USA
World Association of Integrated Medicine, Delhi, INDIA 
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