(A Foundation for Integrated Health and Holistic Care)

Holistic healing is specified integrated method  which make the prospective practitioners and healers to understand that what we see is not the true, there is some things else also which has to be taken in account while providing the medicaments and healing.


Holistic healing is a comprehensive healing which care for the holistic body i.e. Lower Quaternary and Upper Triad. The term holistic is derived from wholesome. Holistic effect is due to divine, active, effective and prolonged sustainable influence of the system. It leads a prolonged peaceful and blissful life. Holistic treatment/therapy/healing system must take care for gross and subtle aspects of all sentient and insentient. The system at physical level must takes care of all health i.e. physical, mental, social, moral, spiritual and environmental.


To understand the proper integrated holistic treatment and healing, the following common terminologies must be kept in mind.

  1. Etheric Body (Etheric Plane): It has fine lines of energy force as web upon which physical body which is molded in a layer. It forms a cohesive unit with physical body. It energies and vitalizes the physical body and integrate man with the energy field of the earth.
  2. Astral Body (Emotional Plane): It is the body situated over the Etheric body and play sensitive roles in life. It is responsible for all types of emotions and desires. It is also called desired body.
  3. Physical Body: It is composed of integrated mass of matter having condensed energy in various types of cells, tissues, organs and systems in solid, liquids and gas forms bounded with physical and vital sheaths.
  4. Causal Body: The reincarnating entity of ideals and archetypes or prototype. It includes all other bodies from higher mental to the divine plane (Atmic body). It contain bliss sheath.
  5. Treatment: It is method of the management and care of a patient or the combating of disease or disorder. It is also described as any specific procedure used for cure or the amelioration of a disease or pathological condition. The treatment could be medical, surgical, dental or psychological.  It is also synonyms of therapy.
  6. Therapy:  Its literal meaning is curing, healing and is attempt to medication of a health problem after the diagnosis. It is done with the involvement of various means, methods and materials. It has wider spectrum of coverage or restoration than treatment or healing alone. It is also synonyms of treatment. As a rule, each therapy has indication and contraindication.
  7. Healing: It is wider term and use to make the thing as whole. It is the process of the restoration of health from an unbalanced, diseased or damaged state.  Healing may be physical or psychological. The replacement can happen in two ways:
    (I) By Regeneration: Here, the necrotic cells are replaced by new cells that form similar tissue.
    (II) By Repair: Here the injured tissue is replaced with the scar tissues. Most healing involves the mixture of regeneration and repair.
  8. Holistic Management: This is a much specialized mode of healing where all health care of holistic body (whole self i.e. body, mind and soul) of the individual is considered.
  9. Holistic Influence: This is to active, effective and sustainable influence of any holistic system on individual to lead a prolonged peaceful and blissful life. Holistic treatment/therapy/healing system must take care of gross and subtle aspects of all individual.
  10. All Health: At physical body level, it indicates - Physical, mental, social, moral, spiritual and environmental.


The following are common and most acceptable kinds of holistic healing.

  1. Spiritual Healing
  2. Astrological Healing
  3. Auric Healing
  4. Chakral Healing
  5. AUMIC Healing
  6. Yogic Healing
  7. Meditational Healing
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