(A Foundation for Integrated Health and Holistic Care)

AUM Foundation LLC was formerly known as AUM Organization INC. It is a registered Organization Under Section 203 of the Limited Liability Company Law of the state of New York, USA. It is functioning as Socio-Spiritual Institution (SSI).The Foundation is dedicated for the Whole (Entire) Care of the masses through Holistic Education, Care (Services) and Management especially to all those who believe and prefer the holistic healing. The holistic education is open to the desirous candidates while the holistic service is available to all, irrespective of caste, creeds, religion, race etc. The Foundation involves all possible traditional skills and knowledge; means and methods; tools and techniques irrespective of country, community and systems of management or healing. The organizational activities are conducted institutionally as well as through distance learning program (DLP).The programs are implemented through guidance, lectures, demonstrations and necessary practical trainings. The academic division inculcates the philosophy of holistic knowledge and skills for the benefit of the healing of self and surroundings, the health care division offers comprehensive holistic health through all spiritual, natural and traditional health practices and  AUMIC Management provide comprehensive holistic health care (CHHC). Thus, the AUM Therapy has a long coverage in all spheres health care as-Preventive, Promotion, Relieve of Suffering (healing), Rehabilitation and Attainment of Ultimate Goal.

The Foundation educates, trained and guides the prospective learners as well as offer the services to the community at large. It involves various natural healing modalities, tools, techniques and its products which are drugless, auspicious, holistic and non-invasive. The techniques provide subtle energy. The natural and traditional products act as vehicles and known energy which are used as food supplement.

I am sure that the persons willing to join either one or more of the programs as academic, health services and or Aumic Management  will himself be greatly benefited and will subsequently help the others to certain extent for attaining their ultimate goal. The course curriculum will add the academic knowledge and skill for holistic healing, while the health programs will bring new revolutionary changes to solve the health problems with holistic modalities. Over ,  the  AUMIC Management will bring the sense of wellbeing, contentment and all peaces i.e. physical, mental, social, moral, spiritual and environmental
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