(A Foundation for Integrated Health and Holistic Care)

The universe is a unique creation of GOD. It is full of known and unknown creations. Nothing is possible without divine presence, means divinity is present in everything in his own image which is the matter of realization. In fast growing modern era, we are becoming more materialistic rather than realistic because of our ignorance which is the root cause of all i.e. problems, sufferings, disorders and diseases. Many sages and seers (Rishis) tried and founded the ways and means to overcome the ignorance and they succeeded to maximum extents. They established various means, methods and modalities to overcome the problems, disorders, sufferings and diseases. These ways and means developed according to culture and civilization in entire world in the name traditional medicine/healing.

With the passage of time, the modern medicine (conventional medicine) emerged from these traditional medicine and healing on scientific basis. It left the traditional medicine aside but the aim of the modern systems remained the same i.e. relief of suffering. AUM Therapy is an integrated spiritual art and technique for integrated health and holistic care based on the universal concept of the presence of Almighty GOD as Omnipresence and Omnipotent. Though, I am not competent enough to write about the divinity and divine care, however, a small effort is being made with divine grace, blessings and intuitions through AUM Therapy. AUM Therapy is an integration of traditional, holistic and modern systems of healing. We have tried to integrate the best parts of all i.e.  principles, diagnostic and healing  in AUM Therapy. AUMIC Approach has “Triple Benefit” i.e. relief of sufferings, inculcate divinity and realization of self for “Triple Control” i.e. auspicious hearing, vision and acts (Karmas).

I am sure that all the contents AUM Foundation will provide an additional knowledge and skills to all the holistic, traditional, modern physicians, healers, therapists and technicians along with an excellent guide to the students of various types of treatment and healings. It gives a new direction to the individual who are in search of reality.

-Dr. N. P. Dubey
  AUM Foundation LLC, NY, USA

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