(A Foundation for Integrated Health and Holistic Care)



AUM Foundation has adopted the following easily available systems of healing to strengthen the AUM therapy and involved system in its training.

  1. Spiritual Therapy/Healing: It includes - Yoga, Meditations, AUM Therapy, Astrology, Holistic Healing Techniques (Chakral Healing, Auric Healing, Mantra Healing and Cosmic Healing), Musical Healing, Hypnotherapy and Principles of Sai Health Mission.
  2. Natural Therapy/Healing: It includes – Naturopathy / Nature Cure, Natural Healing (Food and Nutrition, Magneto therapy, Hydrotherapy, Reflexology), Aroma therapy and Environmental Sciences.
  3. Integrated Medicine: Basic Principles of science involved in integrated holistic management through modern and traditional treatment and healing.
  4.  Physical Therapy: It includes – Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Osteopathy.
  5. Allied Health Sciences: It includes-General Human Sciences, Life Sciences, Bio - Technology,  Anthropology, Public Health, Applied Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy or any other subject approved by AUM Foundation.

NOTE: Besides, above method, other methods of holistic healing in any country can be incorporated in one of the above group for higher studies after the approval of the academic body decision of AUM Foundation.

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